Have you always dreamed of building a house fully adapted to your wishes?

Costa Blanca Woningen helps you to realize your dream home!

We like to listen to your wishes and look at the different possibilities together with you.
After an initial conversation we can look for a suitable plot.
Since everyone has different requirements, the location is a very important factor.
Through countless questions we will discover together what is important to you and select the ideal location. Once the suitable location has been found, we will check the parcel so that everything runs legally.

Then, together with the architect, we look at the possible options. You will receive advice on the best design, design and construction of your home for your chosen plot. Together with our team of architects you can design your exclusive dream home. The enormous range in architecture, interior design, garden design and technology gives you the opportunity to realise your dream home.

We make your project a reality!


The projects of Costa Blanca Woningen meet criteria of contemporary architecture, simplifying shapes and avoiding the use of decoration.
Our architects work with two basic concepts, namely new materials and the latest technologies.
The combination of these radically changes the way buildings and environments are planned, built and landscaped.
We are looking for sustainable projects to integrate naturally into the environment, while maintaining the landscape as the main ingredient of a healthy lifestyle.



The ideal combination between beauty and functionality is a must for us! Words such as; eclectic, refreshing, varied and diverse apply here.
An interior architecture full of details ranging from classic to avant-garde and multicultural. We adapt each project personally and with great care, combining materials, colours, lighting technologies, etc...
The integration of the outdoor environment into the living space creates harmony. We adhere strictly to non-classified rooms.
This leads to the design of integrated furniture and integrated doors to play with volumes and voids, such as the hidden kitchen that can be opened to the main living area.
In the choice of building and finishing materials, we carefully consider the combination of modernity and luxury, as well as comfort and clarity, so that the house is ideal for its owners.
Warm-coloured wood, soft lacquer with a high gloss, textured paper on the walls, integrated doors in the furniture... even the smallest details of every corner are important to us.



Our garden architects are regarded as architects of nature, as they work based on values that go beyond mere gardening.
They are always looking for the perfect combination of the environment and the materials used.
They naturally harmonise factors such as lighting, textures and new materials.
The integration of elements such as saturated water, ponds and waterfalls, as well as the use of existing or artificial relief, make your garden perfect for your lifestyle.
We try to harmonise nature with itself and with the work of mankind


At Costa Blanca Woningen we do pioneering work in the use and application of technology aimed at the home.
We strive for maximum efficiency of the home and optimal comfort for the people who live in it day after day.
Every home designed by our architects is equipped with home automation systems that provide an unprecedented level of peace and comfort, ranging from centralized shut-off systems to remote control lighting, etc...
The possibilities are endless!


Costa Blanca Woningen offers the possibility to buy a plot to develop your own project in harmony with the urban concept of the area.
A team of architects will advise you on the best design and help you design and build your home and make your home more efficient.
The numerous design projects that we provide have been drawn up by internationally renowned architects.