With a special tourist train you can visit the Salinas of Torrevieja. 
During the visit you can admire the pink colored water. You can also see salt mountains of no less than 20m high. 
From the watchtower you can enjoy a beautiful view over the salt lakes of Torrevieja. 
There is also the possibility to visit the nature park where you can learn more about the history, production, ...

The Salinas of Torrevieja and La Mata are a beautiful Natural Park. 
The two large salt lakes at Torrevieja and La Mata are popularly called the Salinas of Torrevieja and La Mata. 
Salinas literally means salt mines and refers to the salt mines or salt extraction near the port city of Torrevieja. 
The two lakes are completely different. One lake has pink colored water, the other lake has clear blue water.

The ride on the tourist train costs € 7.95 for adults and € 6.95 for children and people over 65. 
You can leave at different times every day between 10 am and 7 pm. 
The train leaves from Paseo de la Libertad, right in front of Plaza Waldo Calero in Torrevieja.

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More information can be found at:  turismodetorrevieja.com